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With our unique dashboard you can view, manage and control your MONEY... from income and expenses to stocks, mutual funds, gold, FD, other assets & liabilities

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Calculate Tax on your Salary Income, Plan your Financial Goals, Child Education and Marriage

Calculate Tax on Salary

It's very easy to see what shall be the tax on your salary income after all your exemptions under various sections. Plan your goals including funds for child education and marriage

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Get Unbiased Financial Planning and Advice. Ask for Will Drafting. Use Online Locker. Explore More Now !

important features like online locker , ask money incle and many more

Our Certified Financial Planners will help you with unbiased & comprehensive financial planning and will drafting. Ask them any question on your money. Store copies of important financial documents online


Services offers you a complete platform to Understand, Manage and Grow your Money. As a special offer, the basic platform is free for a limited time. And if you wish us to work on your complete FINANCIAL PLAN, there is a small fee.

The Value of a Financial Plan

Would you undertake a journey without knowing the destination ?

Certainly not !!

Similarly, investing without a proper plan has little meaning. You should know your financial shortfalls, surplus and emergencies. It is also important to define the need and objectives of the investments you make, how much risk you can, or must take, while investing. And the means to achieve the same. Planning invariably should come before investing.

Taking the time to discover what matters most to you is the first step in developing a meaningful financial plan. We know your motivation, commitment and confidence are greatest when your plan matches your values – what’s important to YOU.

Together, we’ll develop a plan that's:

  • Personalized : We design a plan to address your values, priorities and goals.
  • Comprehensive : We recommend specific investment, insurance and retirement services to help you pursue your goals.
  • Integrated : We clearly define and carefully balance relationships between each part of the plan.

At My Money Planning, we understand that you’re unique — with individual values and circumstances that shape your priorities and financial goals. Through comprehensive, personalized financial planning, we can help you make the most of your resources as you pursue those goals — like saving for a child’s education, investing for the retirement you dream of, and providing financial security for your loved ones and yourself.

How we help you

The role of 'My Money Planning' is to provide professional financial planning covering all the key elements of financial planning viz. estate planning, retirement planning, taxation, investment strategies, and contingency planning. We can, for example,

  • Outline your financial position as it stands, describe the alternatives and options open to you and make recommendations.
  • Explore ways of increasing the value of your assets - for your benefit and for your beneficiaries.
  • Estimate the tax liability. We look at various avenues for minimizing your tax liabilities.
  • Review your will.
  • A review of your life insurance and disability income insurance.
  • Suggest ways to maximize your retirement income.

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Education Planning

Investing for education expenses for our child education consistently ranks as a high priority for most of us. As well it should as they are our future.

While most people think of college as the goal for education investing, parents are increasingly finding that their children’s major education expenses are occurring years earlier. Private schools, books, supplies, computers, extracurricular activities and tutoring all may require advance planning.

As education costs continue to rise, it is important for us to realise the future cost of such expenses and make provisions for the same.

A My 'Money Planning' Advisor can help you plan such expenses.

planning for child education in india

Retirement Planning

For many of us, financial planning is synonymous with retirement planning. We dream of the day when we’ll finally have the time and freedom to do what we want: take leisurely vacations, pursue special interests, volunteer for community service, even launch a second career.

A My 'Money Planning' Advisor can help you focus your retirement vision and set specific goals to pursue it. Your Advisor can explain tax-advantaged investment options available to you, help you establish an account and a plan for saving and investing, and meet with you regularly to monitor your progress and advise adjustments when necessary.

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Financial Planning For Women

It has been noted that when it comes to managing their Finances and Money, many women do not know where to start. And whenever they try to talk about their money, they come across boring and complicated words. It scares them off.

But can you afford not to plan your money and finances. Let’s look at the following :

  • Even today many of the women are dependent on their husbands and other family members for most of the times.
  • Some of them are their own in their old age, whether through painful separation, divorce or widowhood.
  • Another truth is that most of the women were living in much better conditions before their husband demise.
financial planning services for women
Trust us, if you do not start planning for money now, you will probably keep waiting forever.
We at my money planning have introduced special services for woman who want to understand, control and grow their money, but are somewhat clueless on how and where to begin. Click here to get in touch with us or drop a mail at, or call us at +919910006263

Quick recap of the services we offer at :

Financial Plan

Financial plan provides you with comprehensive and personalized financial planning. It essentially looks at …

  • Understanding your Current Financial position
  • Identifying Financial Goals and Priorities
  • Analyze and Quantify your personal risk limits
  • Your expectation on returns, constraints and preferences
  • Cash Flow Statement
  • Net Worth Statement
  • Drafting a roadmap to achieve the desired Goals
  • Customised Investment Planning
  • Asset Allocation (Equity / Debt / Bullion / Property etc…)
  • Research and Identify Investment products
  • Recommending such products to match your requirements
  • Action Plan to meet Retirement / Living Expenses
  • Action Plan to meet Children Education / Marriage Expenses
  • Action Plan for Life / Medical and other Insurance needs
  • Individual Tax Planning
  • Succession Planning (Drafting your WILL)
  • Revisiting and Rebalancing portfolio after six months
  • Newsletter and other mailing of interest
  • Follow up
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My Locker

What if you lose physical documents or records of your investments in case of a theft, fire or any natural disaster? Or you might simply misplace or forget about them completely. My Locker, a premium feature available at My Money Planning, allows you to store copies of all your important documents online. For example you can save copies of your:

  • Important and Confidential notes
  • Contracts
  • Insurance policies
  • Mutual fund folios
  • NSC and KVP certificates
  • Bonds
  • Property records
  • Income tax returns
  • Photo Id proofs
  • Date of birth proof
my locker

And other such important documents and their physical location. This is one of many unique features available at My Money Planning.

Access your locker on the go. No matter where you are. our easy to use interface gives you instant access to all your data. All you need is a internet connection.

We take utmost care to make sure documents are safe in your online locker. The online access to your locker requires your username and password which is saved in the encrypted form.

Original Documents
We recommend that you always keep your important documents in a bank or any such safe locker. And access the copies from your online locker.

Manage Your Money

In addition to the above you can manage your financial data online. You can view, delete, and edit the following in your control panel :

  • Income
  • Investments
  • Assets
  • Liabilities
  • Expenses
  • Taxes
  • Insurances
  • Retirement Plan
  • Monetary and Non Monetary Goals
  • Reminders
manage your money online

Ask Money Uncle

Ask Money Uncle is a special feature for all the users. You can ask for any help on understanding the financial jargon, specifics on your financial and investment planning, taxes, so on and so forth.

ask money uncle on your any question on financial planning