Many a times it has been noticed that the e filing of tax returns are rejected by the Income Tax department for not following the guidelines. Here is a brief checklist before you file your returns online:

1.. Though you need no documents to be attached while filing an e return, you need to keep all the records form 16 and bank account statements, in case the Income Tax Department asks for it at a later stage.

2.. Make sure you declare the correct and full breakup of tax saving investments and other deductions u/s VIA.

3.. The circles under Sahaj and Sugam Forms must be shaded and not ticked.

4.. One must print the form ITR V properly, in Black ink, and avoid using dot matrix printer.

5.. While mailing the document to the Central Processing Center at Bengaluru, make sure your signatures are legible and signed in Blue ink and avoid using photocopies as these are generally rejected by the Income Tax Department.

6.. Your ITR V must reach the Central Processing Center at Bengaluru within 120 days of e filing or else you will have to start the process of e filing all over again.

7.. Central Processing Center at Bengaluru acknowledges the receipt of ITR V generally within 3 days of receiving it. If you do not receive such acknowledgement in a reasonable time, check with them on or contact them on their toll free no. 18004252229. Better still send the ITR V once again to them.